Help! Vote for our new profile picture!

We all laugh when you see the head shot for a realtor, and then you meet them and they are 40 years older than their photo!  So, to avoid that we finally got around to setting up a time for our new team photos.  Thanks to Katelyn Rogers, realtor & photographer (talk about talent), we have a few we like!  We’d love your vote to decide on which photo should be on our media and advertisements.  To vote just click on the ORANGE  tag line above  and comment below on the pop-up by Friday the 26th of July!  Thanks for your help!


sisters 3 sisters 4 sisters 2 Sisters 1 sister team cute

3 thoughts on “Help! Vote for our new profile picture!”

  1. Shawn Johnston
  2. Elizabeth DeRossett

    I like the 4th one.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! We appreciate your vote!

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